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Why Advanced Audiology & Hearing Aids?

Advanced Audiology & Hearing Aids (AAHA) is a locally owned, professional hearing service with state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced technology that is delivered and administered by a Doctor of Audiology. 

About AAHA | Advanced Audiology & Hearing Aids: List

Our Vision

  • To provide the highest quality professional hearing services through state-of-the-art equipment & the most advanced technologies.

  • To make excellent hearing services accessible to those who are limited in mobility or transportation, or have restrictions due to other health issues.  We desire to help more people in our community to hear better, and to live healthier lives through timely & accurate diagnosis and treatment of any hearing impairment.

  • Serving our community of St Lucie  and Martin counties including their vicinities. 

Our Mission

  • To practice the best practice model and a field proven evidence-based-practice (EBP).

  • To implement patient-centric care (PCC) based on values defined by the Institute of Medicine. Values are listed below.

Our Values

  • We treat others as we wish to be treated.

  • Unmatched accessibility/flexibility.  At AAHA, a patient and their need will be our priority.  Not only in clinical decisions for the needs of an individual, but also with flexibility in our delivery of service.  

  • We treat people with dignity, compassion, and respect. 

  • Unwavering devotion. Instead of waiting to fix the problems that were avoidable, we will promote prevention. 

  • Genuine Care of a person's well being. - We will commit to increase awareness in the community regarding hearing health, hearing conservation, healthy aging, and overcoming communication hurdles - so that the patient can be connected with their loved ones and live a better life.

  • We empower patients to recognize and develop their strengths and abilities through better hearing.

  • We lead coordinated care, support or treatment from their physicians, care giver(s), and family member(s). We will also be educating patients with written, social media, and online materials to improve their knowledge to better understand hearing and fall prevention. 

Advanced Audiology & Hearing Aids (AAHA) and Dr. Arnold are looking forward to providing you with outstanding professional and personal hearing care for your well being.

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