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What to expect for a 'tele-health' or a 'home-visit'

  • At AAHA, we value a patient-centric-care (PCC) approach because each patient has unique hearing health care needs and there is no one-size-fits-all in treatment solutions.  

  • We begin with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to determine the needs of each patient.

  • Based on the individual test results of each patient, our audiologists will develop a customized rehabilitation plan.

  • The treatment program may include amplification systems, such as hearing aids, assistive listening devices, and sound generators, combined with a short-term or long-term auditory training. 

  • ​The combination of rehabilitation options and the duration of treatment may be different for each patient, your audiologist will discuss the plan and expected outcome with you and your family/friends.

  • Appointment is carried out either via tele-health or an in person visit in the safety and comfort of your home. We are also able to see patients at our office by appointment should you cannot have us over to your place.

  • Before the initial appointment, we will email you "new patient" documents that you need to fill out and send us back.  If you prefer a conventional mail, we will send them to your residence. 

  • Hearing test and an initial hearing aid fitting will be an in-person-service.  Many other appointment can be done via a tele-health service whichever is best for person and circumstances.

  • For hearing aid check and repair, we can pick it up and deliver back to you after the procedure OR if you prefer we will perform diagnostics and a simple repair in your home. No extra charge will be added to a standard service fee which is  reasonable. 

  • Call us at (772) 236-3256 or email us at  We will reply back as soon as possible no later than one business day.

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