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Advanced Audiology & Hearing Aids (AAHA) is a start-up independent private practice with the purpose of providing hearing services in office, or when needed in a patient's own home in St Lucie and Martin counties.

AAHA is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) registered in the State of Florida.  We will provide complete diagnostic hearing tests and dispensing hearing aids, accessories, assistive listening devices, and related supplies.  Along with hearing aid fitting and orientation, and follow up care, we also offer tinnitus assessment and management services, and aural rehabilitation services for adults whose hearing difficulty warrants such services.

At Advanced Audiology & Hearing Aids our mission is simple - to help people with hearing difficulties and their families in our community to live a better quality of life through the most advanced technology possible, empowered by patient-centric-care with compassion, respect, and unwavering commitment.

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