Providing professional testing and consultation in-office at our convenient St Lucie West location, as well as mobile patient services direct to the client in the comfort of their own home.

Schedule an in office visit, or call to request an in-home service appointment with the Audiologist - Dr Arnold AuD.

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Hearing Care is
Health Care

Researchers report that people with better hearing - live healthier and longer lives

"Do children's voices sound more like mumbling noises?"

Many grandparents decide to use amplification because of their grandchildren, whose voices are softer and less distinct

Gardening Together
A Walk in Park

Reduce Stress and listening effort

Masks and social distancing can increase stress in your communicating effectively

Discrete & Affordable

Putting Patients First in our Hearing Solutions

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In the comfort and safety of your home

Advanced Audiology offers "home visits" for patients who might have difficulty coming to our professional office. Our Doctor of Audiology will visit you in your home within Saint Lucie and Martin Counties. We want everyone to have access to professional hearing care, so call today to make an appointment!



Hearing tests, evaluations, and hearing aid fittings performed in our office, or in the safety and comfort of your own home.

State-of-the-Art Equipment, the Latest-Hearing-Technology, and World-Class Clinical Experience.


Hearing Evaluations

  • Ear examinations 

  • Comprehensive diagnostic hearing tests

  • Computerized analysis and review of results on the spot.

  • Hearing conservation program

  • Industrial, school, ototoxic hearing screening

Hearing Aids

  • The latest technology, with a complete range of hearing aids

  • Bluetooth, rechargeable battery, assistive listening devices

  • Patient-Centered Treatment Planning & Comprehensive After Care

  • Reprogramming/Repair services

Tinnitus Counseling

  • Do you hear ringing, buzzing, hissing, sounds? (you no longer need to just live with it.)  

  • Implementing Evidence Based proven methods.

  • Diagnosis and treatment

  • Educational counseling

  • Sound therapy


Dr. Hyo Arnold,  Au.D.,  CCC-A


  • University Of Florida, Doctor of Audiology (AuD)

  • University Of Iowa, Master of Arts (MA) in  Audiology

  • Yonsei University, Master of Science (MS), in Electronic Engineering

  • Yonsei University, Bachelor of Science (BS), in Medical Engineering


  • University Of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics (UIHC)

  • Yonsei University Hospital


  • Board Certified Audiologist

  • Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology (CCC-A) by American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)

  • Certificate Holder of Tinnitus Management (CH-TM) by American Academy of Audiology (AAA) ​


How do I know if I have a hearing deficiency?

  • Do you often ask others to repeat themselves?

  • Do people sound like they are mumbling?

  • Do you miss words while watching TV programs?

Taking Care of Your hearing...

  • Means Caring for Others.

  • Impacts Your Current Health.

  • Not only impacts Your Future Health, but also Quality & Length of LIFE...

Untreated Hearing Loss affects...

Many areas of health including;

  • Increased chance of falling, depression, loneliness, & social isolation

  • Increased risk of Cognitive Decline (i.e. Dementia, Alzheimer's...)

  • Increased mortality rate

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Our mission is helping people through patient-centered care with compassion, respect, and unwavering commitment. 



from our patients...


Joel T. -Vitalia in Tradition, Port St Lucie

Dr. Arnold came to my home and performed a new hearing test...Right now I am enjoying the best hearing in all the years I have been using hearing aids. I cannot thank Dr. Arnold enough, and highly recommend her and her unique approach, to anyone wearing or even contemplating hearing devices!